Duane Hjelm Walleye Fishing Podcast

The Jigging Shadow Rap w/ Duane Hjelm | JMO Fishing 168

Duane Hjelm is a multi time NWT Champion and the 2022 Angler Of The Year in the NWT. In this walleye fishing podcast, we spend most of the interview talking about the newest addition to the glide bait category, the Jigging Shadow Rap. Hjelm works with Rapala and has had his hands on this bait through its development stages long before most of us found out of its existence. He has a lot to say about what makes this bait special. Duane talks about the setup and situations that are best for this new bait and why this is likely to be the most sought after glide bait of 2023 here in the states.

Shop the lure: https://jasonmitchelloutdoors.link/shadow-rap

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