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In-Depth Look at Lithium Batteries w/ James Holst | JMO Fishing 233

James Holst joins the JMO Podcast to talk about lithium batteries. James has been influencing the fishing community here in the Midwest for many years as the host of InDepth Outdoors. Now, James is the Chief Marketing Manager for Norsk, a lithium battery manufacturer. James has insights that allow us, the consumers, to better understand the lithium battery craze.

We get a more accurate portrayal of who should be looking at this technology and what details they should be looking for when formulating a buying decision. In many cases the expectations created by aggressive marketing strategies battery companies have had are creating expectations that are not being met for consumers like us. As James describes in this fishing podcast, there is a “good, better, and best” when it comes to lithium batteries, and you should know what you are getting into before paying for one of these expensive batteries. More information is always a good thing when it comes to fishing and having the best available power source for our electronics or ice auger will assist any angler in being more efficient on the ice, which can lead to a much more enjoyable fishing experience.

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