Finding Better Bites on Highly Pressured Lakes w/ Ryan Pinkalla | JMO Fishing 241

Ryan Pinkalla joins the JMO Podcast for the first time. Ryan is from the twin cities metro region of Minnesota and targets mainly trophy crappies in the winter. He is one of the hosts to the popular YouTube series “Crappie Chronicles” as well. In this fishing conversation Ryan shares his opinions on how to find and catch quality fish on Minnesota’s most popular and highly pressured panfish lakes. Ryan’s experiences in recent years with forward facing sonar and much time on the water has taught him and his fishing buddies a great deal on how to have better success on lakes that are getting a lot of fishing pressure. Topics including how to fish the edges of a crowd or on the outside of a group to find fish that are adjusting to the noise on top of the ice as well as strategies to find un-pressured fish on these same lakes by exploring the unlikely areas where nobody has drilled holes yet. Lots of great fishing information in this fishing podcast.

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