Catching Giants On The Finisher and FFS w/ Scott Rohloff | JMO Fishing 277

Scott Rohloff joins the JMO Podcast for another great walleye fishing conversation. Scott and his partner Lance Busse won back to back Cabelas National Team Championships. A very impressive showing considering the competition and the unforgiving bodies of water they won them, in 2023 in Green Bay and again in 2024 on Lake Erie. Scott has put all of his fishing time the last few years into understanding how to best utilize forward facing sonar to find and catch giant walleyes. It has been working and Scott shares with us in this interview some crucial details how FFS revealed the winning fish where other electronics weren’t showing any signs of life. As well as how he built confidence in a brand new lure, the Finisher from Berkely, and take it into the tournament as the sole presentation and eventually win the event.

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