Big Walleyes and Kids Fishing Clinics w/ Spencer Deutz | JMO Fishing 281

Spencer Deutz joins the JMO Podcast for this episode. Spencer is a tournament angler from Fargo, North Dakota. He fishes many regional tournaments but is committed more so these days to the Casino Cup Walleye Circuit in the Dakotas. In addition to being a sponsored tournament angler and having a family and full time job, Spencer also puts on kids fishing clinics around the midwest. Most of them are held in Fargo at the local Scheels store of which he is partnered with for said clinics. After talking with Spencer I believe that he is uncommon in his commitment and devotion to such a quality program that educates young people on pertinent fishing topics. I also learned from hearing his stories that more local anglers should be able to involve themselves with mentorship roles as Spencer has with such obtainable outside resources and willing partners as well as the demand in so many communities throughout the midwest. We also delve into Spencers fishing wisdom including his decades of experience on Devils Lake in North Dakota.

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