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the most influential fishing podcast in the midwest

The JMO Podcast is the most influential fishing podcast in the upper Midwest with over 600,000 downloads since we launched our first episode in 2020. The JMO Podcast can be found on all podcast locations with over 6,000 combined subscribers that tune in every week. The JMO Podcast has produced over 200 podcasts and produces two new podcasts each week.  

More people are consuming content via podcasts because specific content and interests can be streamlined to the consumer and consumed when convenient. Unlike traditional radio broadcasts that air at a specific day and time and are done, the JMO Podcast keeps living where your targeted audience can continue to consume the content.

Our targeted audience consists of passionate anglers in the upper Midwest including the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin. Our general focus is on open water and ice fishing walleye topics, but we cover all species insights that are relevant to our Midwestern audience.


"Found your podcast this week and I've been binging a bunch of episodes. Really really really really really great material man. Answering so many of my questions. It's a bonus I live in Minnesota too so a lot of your stuff really hits close to home”

"Hey JMO podcast! Love the program it's actually my main source of walleye fishing improvements"

"Right on man! Looking forward to it and all the other content. It's been soooooo insightful for someone who's trying to ratchet their game up and become a more efficient angler!"


Phone: 701-840-2672